ThreeZero Gives First Look at Titanfall, Dead Space 3 Figures


ThreeZero Toys, the Hong Kong-based design outfit founded by legendary toy designer Kim Fung Wong, has been producing extremely high quality action figures for over a decade now. They count 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Mazinger-Z' and 'Robocop' among their licenses, and have produced some truly gorgeous collectors pieces for each. At the Thailand Toy Expo today, ThreeZero unveiled prototypes of two new offerings based on popular game franchises, and they do not disappoint.

First off is the Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke. Isaac is represented in the cold weather version of his Resource Integration Gear, complete with cloth outer suit and finely detailed armor pieces. With a weathered, rugged finish, the sculpting and cloth detail help drive home the idea that this is a character that has been through a frozen hell. The prototype images don’t come with much info, but Isaac looks to be a 12-inch figure. No details were provided about points of articulation, but given ThreeZero’s track record, it shouldn’t lack posability. Isaac’s signature weapon, the 211-V Plasma Cutter, is pictured in the figure’s hand, but no other accessories are shown. ThreeZeero also promises that the final version will include LEDs in the back and mask to recreate the original design.

While the Isaac figure is very nice, the Titanfall Titan and pilot are simply jaw-dropping. At 20.5-inches, the Titan figure is massive and meticulously detailed, with countless tiny mechanical embellishments in every square millimeter not covered by it equally impressive armor plates, complete with sculpted rivets. While still only a prototype, the Titan is fully painted, and features realistic battle damage and weathering, tons of tiny, game-accurate decals, and a flat paint finish that ensures this masterpiece looks more like a piece of military equipment than a toy. The Titan is only shown in one position, but it looks like it will be highly-articulated. I’m venturing a guess here, but it looks like his knuckles may be individually jointed, which would provide for some excellent posing, including the ability to hold an enemy pilot in his hand.

The pilot figure measures 6-inches, and while it isn’t stated in ThreeZero’s comments, it looks like he will fit inside the Titan. The unpainted prototype shows a remarkable level of detail, with perfectly accurate armor and helmet pieces over a cloth suit.  The vest, with its myriad buckles, clips and other sci-fi kibble, is especially impressive, as is the weapon, a recreation of the game’s R-101 Compact Carbine. A scarf around the neck completes the look, giving us an essentially perfect physical version of the in-game model.

ThreeZero exclusively makes high-end adult collector’s items, so these won’t be found in Toys R Us or Target when they’re released. They won’t be cheap, either: the 'Mazinger-Z' figure, only 16.5-inches tall, goes for $330, and the 12-inch 'Walking Dead' figures will set you back $120 each. Serious collectors, however, with money to spend will no doubt plunk down the small fortune for what are sure to be gorgeous figures. The rest of us can jealously salivate.

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