Stupid Zombies 2 is a sequel to a game where you use a shotgun to take out as many zombies as possible with the least amount of bullets. You can either play as the crazed green eyed dude or as a tank top wearing lady, and with 300 levels to offer, what's not to love about blasting the undead with the perfect head shot?

If this game purely existed as a gory, easy kill zombie fest, I might have been bored within several minutes, but Stupid Zombies 2's relies on a bit of strategy and your acumen with playing the angles. Since the bullets ricochet, you must find the perfect angle and take out at least a couple of zombies per shot. Aiming your sights straight on just one zombie usually defeats the purpose, and with a varying amount of ammunition within each challenge, precision is pretty important. Once the undead are exterminated, one to three stars will be given out based on the level of bullets used, and a certain number of stars are needed to make it to the next level.

The kills are harder as you progress throughout the game, and at times your gunfire will actually need to set a chain reaction that will lead to the zombie's death. This variability elevates the game from being more than just a gore fest, although watching the heads fall off decomposed bodies is also one of the title's visual trademarks.

If a certain section confounds you and moving forward is not a possibility, the use of an airstrike will obliterate everyone before you. Bombs are hard to come by in the game, but you will get two free ones by liking the developers on Facebook. Air strikes are also available for purchase at the store, and even a ninety-nine cent purchase will get you five air strikes to use.

Upon first impression, I was highly engaged with Stupid Zombies 2. Strategically killing adds a bit of smarts in what many would consider a "stupid" game, but my main concern is the actual game's longevity. If eviscerating zombies in a variety of ways is your bread and butter, then this game should be in your wheel house. Even though I was impressed with each challenge's set-up, the excitement factor definitely waned after the first hour. Repetition is fine if you're completely passionate about the subject matter, and although I do love the zombies, watching them die over and over again in different ways is not exactly keeper material.

Stupid Zombies 2 does succeed in the pure, initial thrill of the kill, and if you need a fun and bloody game to pick up for ten to fifteen minutes, the $0.99 download is definitely worth it. It's a slightly above average title that could have been excellent if it had just a wee bit more depth and complexity. Unfortunately, just like the zombies who litter the screen, this game is eventually very easy to put down.


App Store Link: Stupid Zombies 2 for iPhoneiPad | By GameResort LLC | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 31.0 MB | Rating 9+
6.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating