Al Gore has created a game -- of sorts -- that deals with global climate change and tasks players with spreading the truth about it, regardless of whether or not it's convenient.

The First Emperor of the Moon and former vice president's Reality Drop turns the climate crisis into a game about spreading the truth and destroying denial.

The Reality Drop tool scans the interwebz for articles and comments concerning global warming and whether or not people deny its existence. It is the goal of the player to respond to these naysayers by "destroying denial" and "dropping reality" on the posts in question, usually by refuting the argument with statements that support the need to take action when it comes to the climate crisis.

Points are gained upon successful "reality dropping" and hitting 5000 points gets you an invitation to evaluate the articles that are posted on the site through a voting system. There is also a ranking system in place that lets players grow in level based on the number of points and hits they get with their drops.

Check out the site here if you're interested. And let us know whether or not you support this kind of social game.