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Envy the One/NIS America

It's always amazing to see incredibly accurate cosplay outfits being worn by talented cosplayers. And in today's Cosplay of the Day, we've got a costume that's out of this world. Let's take a look at Purple Heart, from Hyperdimenion Neptunia.

Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia is the more mature form of Neptune, the game's main character. Though Neptune looks like a typical child, her Purple Heart form is more adult-like, mature and can be very serious about combat. As Purple Heart, her personality and voice also change, making this one incredible transformation.

This is Russian cosplayer Poompaboom as Purple Heart. In a word, her outfit is stunning. We've seen examples of cosplay that have been faithful to their sources, but this Purple Heart getup is so amazingly realistic that we'd be surprised to find out that she wasn't an in-game render. Everything from the twin, braided pigtails down to the bodysuit is accurate, making this one of the best cosplays we have ever seen.

To see more of Poompaboom's cosplay perfection, check out her deviantART. There, you'll see more cosplay, and a host of other photos that showcase Poompaboom's beauty and skill.

Envy the One
Envy the One
Envy the One

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