Listen up, Pokefans! The release of Pokemon X and Y is only a mere few weeks away, so you know that it's time to get even more excited about the game. To help facilitate this need for more zeal, take a look at some of the new Fossil Pokemon.

Meet Tyrunt and its evolved form, Tyrantrum. They're both Rock/Dragon Types with the Strong Jaw ability and both look like badass T-rex. Tyrunt is believed to be over one hundred million years old and is described as the "Royal Heir" Pokemon. On the other hand, Tyrantrum is described as the "Despot" Pokemon and even seems to wear a crown and some frills around its neck.

The main difference between the two is that while Tyrunt is a bit dinky and only weighs 57.3 lbs, Tyrantrum can weigh up to 595.2 lbs. That is quite a growth spurt.

You'll get the chance to raise your very own T. Rex when Pokemon X and Y are released for the Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 12 worldwide.