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Today's Cosplay of the Day is a bit of a controversial choice, but we decided to include her anyway, despite her ability to cause schisms within the gaming community. Let's check out Poison, from Final Fight!

Questions about her gender have floated around forever. This member of the Mad Gear Gang is thought to be female by some and a transvestite male by others. It's all open to interpretation, but we're just going to go ahead and say she's a girl, considering that the cosplayer below happens to be female as well. Whatever she is, we can all agree that she's got a certain appeal about her.

Bringing us these pieces of cosplaying excellence is the French cosplay group called "update required." The model below's name is Zoltan and she certainly seems like she's all woman to us! Particularly impressive is her recreation of Poison's trademark pink hair, capped off with a leather biker cap. She's got a sweet appearance that almost undermines Poison's inherent toughness as a gang member, but we can dig it.

Check out update required's work on their official site and let us know what you think of Zoltan as Poison!

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