It's been a little while since we last featured a League of Legends outfit as a Cosplay of the Day, huh? Well, let's change that by checking out Officer Caitlyn!

Officer Caitlyn is an alternate skin for Caitlyn, the sharpshooting detective from Piltover. It only makes sense that one of her outfits would be that of a cop's, given her need for justice and the fact that she's a sheriff. Once she gets you in your sights, you won't have to wait too long before you're on the ground.

This is Mao No Oni, a cosplayer from Canada, who has chosen to dress up as Officer Caitlyn. She's even lugging around Caitlyn's large sniper rifle, complete with the menacingly-red scope. As an added touch, Mao also rock's Caitlyn's shades and looks downright deadly in them.

See more of this excellent cosplayer's work on her deviantART and let us know if you'd want her to train her sights on you.

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