Everyone's favorite alien (sorry, Alf), just got a new update and it's filled with some small fixes that should help smooth out some of its gameplay issues.

The 1.1 update for E.T.: The Green Planet now includes iPhone 5 support. They also fixed some of the early quests so they're easier to get into. Improvements to the Lota and Erlong plants have also been made.

The annoying music bug that we complained about in our review has finally been addressed as well. Mud Fruit and Parrot plant bugs have been fixed as well as a myriad of other smaller bugs.

One thing that should be fixed is the highly unbalanced nature of Healing Touches. It's really unfair how many Healing Touches are required to speed things up in the game. It's actually kind of a ripoff because you don't receive that many in the game unless another player visits your garden, which ends up being a crapshoot. Also, the rewards for daily visits are pretty weak. Fix this in the next update, please!