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Five Rings Photography/Blizzard

We've got another Diablo 3 cosplayer today! This time, we get to check out the Female Monk in all of her martial arts goodness!

She's a martial arts expert that wants to do a little good in the world. This holy warrior can let loose with a stream of combos to render the forces of darkness powerless. When you start a game with the monk, the first thing you'll notice is that her fists of fury are capable of rocking enemies with the lightning-packed punches that she can produce. As you continue on through the game, you'll be treated with all sorts of class-specific Spirit skills that make her a terror for evil.

Here is Christina S., the American cosplayer who won first prize at a costume contest at BlizzCon 2010! As you can see from the pictures, it would seem like Blizzard used her as inspiration for the character's design! She went on to wear this outfit at other cons and got paid for it. So not only does she get the hard-earned recognition she deserves for pulling off such an amazing outfit, but she also gets the monetary fuel to fund more awesome costumes!

Check out her stellar work on her deviantART page and let us know what you think of her amazingly screen-accurate portrayal of the mysterious Female Monk!

Thomas L. Hicks
Thomas L. Hicks
Five Rings Photography
Five Rings Photography
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