Today's Cosplay of the Day is of an ethereal nature, as we take a look at Odin Sphere's Mercedes, the Fairy Princess.

Mercedes is just one of the protagonists you'll find in Odin Sphere, the classic action role-playing game from Atlus. Her tale was one full of adventure, a fallen kingdom, a human cursed to be a frog and an epic battle with the Inferno King. Though she may look like an ordinary fairy, she was probably one of the most badass characters in the game.

Here is The Mirror Melts, a Canadian cosplayer who also serves as a Crunchyroll Ambassador. Her outfits always seek to impress and her Mercedes costume does just that. We know that Canada's a pretty magical place, but after seeing her in this outfit, we're convinced that they probably have fairies flying around all over the place.

Check out some of her other outfits, which includes characters from online games, anime, and other console games on her deviantART, then let us know if you were enchanted by this fairy.

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