It may be Thursday, named for Thor, the Norse god of thunder, but we've got our own god to feature! Let's give a warm welcome to everyone's favorite example of how anger management can fail: Kratos from the God of War series.

Kratos, the titular god of war, has quite a few rage issues. If you've followed his greatest hits tour across Ancient Greece, then you would have been witness to the extreme brutality this dude's capable of, all in the name of vengeance. We wonder what would happen if Kratos ever started doing yoga to relax himself, but he'd probably just hulk out in the middle of a Downward Dog and tear the studio to pieces. Still, he's one of our favorite badasses in all of gaming.

This is Daniel Lange, a cosplayer from Norway who's become the spitting image of Kratos in the pictures below. Everything from the ashen skin, the war paint and the demeanor is true to the character, bringing to life a legendary gaming figure. We really enjoy the last picture, in which we see Daniel all suited up. Just imagine seeing Kratos at a fancy dinner party like that!

Come check out more of Daniel's fine costumes on his deviantART page. We guarantee you'll find a lot of quality cosplays from some of the hottest pop culture faves.

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