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Zettai Cosplay/Nintendo

With the big new Mewtwo-like Pokemon reveal this weekend for Pokemon X and Y, we thought it appropriate to find some good ol' fashioned Pokemon cosplay. And for today's Cosplay of the Day, why not dip a little into the series' recent past with Hilda, the female main character from Pokemon Black and White!

Hilda can either be the character the player controls or the well-meaning rival in Pokemon Black and White. She goes on her Pokemon adventure and comes across the mysterious N, Team Plasma, and a whole bunch of other trainers on her road to greatness. And she does all of it while rocking a simple style with shorts that could rival Misty's!

Zettai Cosplay, a Chilean cosplayer, has adapted Hilda's vest, shirt, signature Pokeball hat, and denim shorts to fit her own slightly more mature style. We like that she's even gotten the pockets of the shorts crafted just the right way to accurately represent the character's own look. She's also taken to posing with a bunch of different Pokemon as well, which is a very cute touch.

Check out more of her cosplay work, which includes Cammy White from Street Fighter and Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, on here deviantART page and opt to "watch" her work if you have an account. Why? Because you gotta watch 'em all!

Zettai Cosplay
Zettai Cosplay
Zettai Cosplay
Zettai Cosplay
Zettai Cosplay

Want your Cosplay to be seen? Send your info to john@arcadesushi.com and we may feature you in our Cosplay of the Day!

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