A wonderful Tumblr account has turned the super popular Hearthstone card game into a Game Boy demake, making us long for the days of the Pokemon Trading Card Game on the original Nintendo handheld.

These are some really impressive visuals that would have been confused for screenshots back in the old Game Boy days. There is some really wonderful art here that makes us wonder if Hearthstone would work on the original Game Boy after all. The only thing we'd change is how the finger cursor moves; instead of free-form movement like a mouse, we'd make it move from choice to choice a la an RPG menu. That way we speed up the process just a bit.

This Tumblr account makes us want to see other games get the Game Boy demake treatment. Uncharted would have been an awesome 2D adventure game, while Assassin's Creed on Game Boy could have mixed parkour platforming with boss combat a la an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. We're getting giddy just thinking about it.

Check out the rest of the Hearthstone demake pictures below, and keep an eye on this Tumblr for more Game Boy demakes, including some for games we would have never even thought about. They've already done Hearthstone, for crying out loud, and we never would have listed that.