Dragon Slayer has already been released for Canadian mobile devices, but Glu Mobile is working hard to give gamers in the US and the UK a chance to hunt down the winged horrors. In fact, they've just released a teaser trailer to whet the appetites of fans who are eager to go on a slay ride.

The teaser is short but sweet, full of triumphant music and images of a hooded hero running through the plains, presumably on the way to kill a dragon. Judging by the different scenes in the video, players will be able to obtain different outfits for the main character or will at least be allowed to customize the hero's appearance.

If the encounters from the teaser and screenshots are taken directly from gameplay, we can assume that players will engage the fire-breathing behemoths in Infinity Blade-style combat. Nothing we've seen shows the hero wielding any weapons, so there may be a big emphasis on spellcasting in Dragon Slayer.

There is no definite release date yet, but constant updates from Glu Mobile suggest that it's coming out very soon. Check out the teaser for yourself and some screenshots and let us know what you think about Glu Mobile's upcoming game!