Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) - Cosplay of the Day

Gordon Fong/BioWare

Every once in a while we come across a cosplay so jaw-droppingly awesome that we have to feature it, no matter what. Make sure to run all of your calibrations, because Garrus Vakarian is our Cosplay of the Day.

Garrus is a turian who was formerly of C-Sec's Investigation Division before joining Commander Shepard on the Normandy. After the events of Mass Effect 2, Garrus ended up on the seedy planet of Omega, making a name for himself as Archangel, a vigilante who hunts down mercs. As Shepard's saga continued, Garrus became a key member for the Normandy crew and one of the Commander's most trusted friends.

Nightlyre, otherwise known as Sarrah Wilkinson, is an amazing artist who has crafted an unbelievably lifelike Garrus costume. The latex mask is reinforced so that it doesn't deflate and the armor is made of foam. Know what else? This armor is made of win. We bow our heads to such masterful cosplay!

Check out more of Wilkinson's cosplay work on her deviantART and let us know your thoughts on this amazing outfit.


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