Danny Trejo and Steve Wozniack ... together at last! Of course these two make sense to both be in an iOS game. So obvious.

Truth be told, we are baffled by this news. The title alone is such a strange combination of words that we haven't quite wrapped out head around it. Just say it out loud - Danny Trejo's Vengence: Woz With A Coz. What does that even mean?

According to an article posted at Deadline Hollywood, it looks like the game will serve as some promotional material for a pair of upcoming Trejo flicks. Ever since Robert Rodriguez gave the legendary character actor a starring turn in Machete, it appears as though he's cemented a few more lead roles for himself. And then there's Woz.

Really though, Steve Wozniak can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point, having earned a lifetime cultural cache as the instantly recognizable, lovable mascot of the computer industry.

There's no official date yet, but according to Touch Arcade and promotional materials, it looks as though the game will be out around Thanksgiving, probably sometime next week.