There are as many Commander Shepards as there are stars in the sky, since players have the option of customizing their own hero or heroine. We've featured a few Shepards so far, but this latest Cosplay of the Day has us wanting to take on the Reapers just so she doesn't have to be destroyed.

Commander Jane Shepard is the default name of Mass Effect's heroine, should you choose to make a FemShep. Because you can customize her, Shepard can look and act however you want. Want a bleeding-heart crusader for justice and equality? Then make your FemShep a Paragon for all to behold! Want to be badass and get results while laying waste to everything in your path? Then it's a Renegade FemShep for you! Whatever path you take her down, you can rest assured that she couldn't have made it there without your choices.

And speaking of choices, Angela Bermudez has chosen to wear full N7 armor in her cosplay of her own Commander Shepard. Judging by the intense gaze and kickass poses, we're guessing she's a Renegade. And we can dig it. If not, then Paragons are cool too, if you're into that whole True Good alignment thing. Either way, this cosplay rocks.

Check out more of Angela's work on deviantART and let us know if you'd be signing up to serve under her command!

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