Most Modern Games Could Benefit From Special Photo Modes
I have spent minutes upon hours in the PlayStation 4 share menu and other things like it trying to tap a perfect angle and timing for a screenshot in many of my own games. Maybe that's why it's weird to me that a feature like Final Fantasy XV's photography mechanic isn't a common…
Gaming Off the Grid: A Month Without the Internet
In an age when internet access has been deemed a utility as crucial to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as electricity, it’s tough to imagine a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One left unconnected to Al Gore’s pièce de résistance. It’s like gaming with the Amish.
The Little Things Shine Bright at PAX South
After two years in existence, the newest PAX is still relatively small. There are few big-name publishers exhibiting on the show floor, with many of the biggest booths belonging to hardware companies like Intel, Alienware, and Astro. There aren’t as many prominent figures in gaming walking th…
Does Morality Really Matter In Games?
Morality is a gray matter, a deep entity, and a thing that doesn't stop at the surface. It's also a subject that video games have played with constantly. Whether it was the evil Dragonlord presenting the hero with a choice to join his side at the end of Dragon Warrior in 1986 or Geralt cho…
I am an amiibo Hunter, and I’m Mad as Hell
I had planned to collect the entire Super Smash Bros. line before backing away and being more selective about my amiibo purchases. I had successfully avoided the NFC figure initiative until now because I'm a longtime Smash player and these are too cool to pass up. Notice I said I had planned to…
A Konami Without Kojima: The Impossible Made Real
When I read the first rumors about Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, I, probably like many others, dismissed it as absurd. In my mind, Konami without Hideo Kojima was an impossibility. If Konami was a body, Kojima has undoubtedly been the face.

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