In this week's installment of Cosplay of the Week, we've got another great League of Legends submission. Set sail for the realms of amazing cosplay and welcome Bilgewater Katarina.

Bilgewater Katarina is an alternate skin for Katarina, the Sinister Blade. This assassin's pirate look mirrors that of her normal outfit, except with crimson hues and a nice captain's hat to boot. If she were on the label of bottle of rum, we'd buy cases en masse.

Meet Tanita Osaki, a German cosplayer who's no stranger to League of Legends cosplay. She chose to cosplay Bilgewater Katarina because the character is one of her favorite champions. According to Tanita, she really loves Katarina's "badass/villain character," because she's not a fan of the cute champions for her cosplay. The choice to cosplay the Bilgewater skin was also based on the fact that Tanita didn't want to wear a wig, opting instead to feature all of her real hair with the costume.

The costume took four-to-five months to craft. Even though Tanita is still somewhat of a beginner when it comes to the world of cosplay, she also describes herself as a perfectionist. In fact, she finished the cosplay the night before the first day of a convention at 2AM. This is what we'd call a clutch move.

The swords and daggers are made out of a material called Styrodur with a layer of Worbla on top for "more stability and a better and more realistic look." The shoulder, arm and leg armor pieces are also made out of Worbla, with bits of crafting foam used for more thickness. These were all painted with acrylic paint after each piece was covered with Gesso. After everything was painted, she sprayed a bit of clear lacquer over them to keep the colors pop and to keep the paint from peeling.

Everything turned out fantastic and the end result is this great cosplay that you see before you. Admire more of Tanita's work on her Facebook page. All photos were taken by Witchsister Photography, whose homepage can be reached here.

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