In a world brimming with endless entertainment, many of us wind up focused on just one medium. For some it's books and for others it might be video games. With that thought in mind, here's our list of the 10 Best Games For Movie Fans. Each game on this list has been paired with a comparable movie (or two). Not only does this list recommend great games for movie fans, you'll also find great movies for video game fans. Remember, if you have your own recommendations reply below so the rest of the Arcade Sushi community can add some more games to their queues! Take a look at the 10 Best Games For Movie Fans.

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    Crackdown 1 & 2

    For fans of Chronicle

    For the fans of Chronicle, a cool little superhero movie that came out last year, we recommend both of the Crackdown games. Chronicle focuses on the thesis of, “What if regular modern kids were granted superpowers?” The movie removes any comic book requirements (i.e. because Wolverine wore spandex in comics he has to wear them in the movie), and presents the most realistic portrayal of superheroes possible. The pairing with Crackdown makes sense because the Crackdown games slowly roll out superpowers to the player. At the beginning of the game, players can climb small buildings but access to the highest rooftops is impossible. As you level up, your “superpowers” increase and some amazing surprises await. Just like the progression of Chronicle.

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    For fans of the Indiana Jones Trilogy

    This one is a bit of a stretch, but if you love seeing a character in a fedora with a whip, then Spelunky is your game! Borrowing heavily from Indiana Jones (the character), Spelunky is an old-school platformer that uses roguelike level design to keep players on their toes. The game is hard as hell and punishes players with constant death. To put it in perspective, we've died playing this game over 1,000 times and have only reached the end of the game twice. There’s not much story in Spelunky to connect players with Indiana Jones. However, if you love the iconic design of the character and wish that the Crystal Skull never existed, Spelunky will provide endless hours of entertaining distractions.

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    Mark of the Ninja

    For fans of the Bourne Trilogy

    Although the Bourne movies aren’t ninja movies per se, the slick nature of Jason Bourne’s moves make him the most bad ass hand-to-hand brawler of our generation. Throw in his parkour-like mobility and this dude is as close to a white-skinned ninja as we’ll see on screen. That makes placing Mark of the Ninja in the hands of Bourne fans so much easier to justify. Forget about the middling Bourne games already on the market. For those of you pining for a game experience that highlights the coolest traits of a Bourne movie, Mark of the Ninja presents a fun stealth game that has plenty of action. One of our favorite elements of this game is it allows gamers to apply a wide array of solutions (sometimes stealthy while other times more overt), to progress. There’s not just one solution to every problem. This is a problem-solving design that even Jason Bourne would approve of.

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    Hotline Miami

    For fans of Drive

    Drive burst onto the scene in 2011 as one of the coolest movies in years. Director Nicolas Refn transported Ryan Gosling to a world of high speed ultraviolence that blew the socks off of hipsters everywhere. Hotline Miami launched in 2012 and gamers immediately stood up and noticed. Inspired by Drive, Hotline Miami presents old school gameplay in an intense mix of strategy and stealth. You get to play as a psychopath who, thanks to drugs or insanity, goes about murdering gangsters for no reason other than to satiate his personal bloodlust. It’s a gore-filled thrill ride that throws back to an era and a style from the '80s. If you have a high threshold for violent content and were thrilled by the intensity of Drive, Hotline Miami is as close as you’ll ever get to a game adaptation of Refn’s masterwork.

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    Dead Space 1, 2, & 3

    For fans of Alien

    While there’s a nice small grouping of scary movies set in outer space, scary space games appear to be a much smaller sub-genre. Fortunately, the most prominent series of this sub-genre, the Dead Space trilogy, is an excellent jaunt into the nether-ist of regions. Despite being developed and published by EA, the Dead Space games pull no punches in the scare and gore departments. This is a series that is difficult to play at night because they are so frickin’ scary. That makes them a perfect match for fans of the Alien series - specifically, fans of the first Alien movie. Despite being over 30 years old, Alien is still very difficult to watch late at night.

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    Mass Effect 3

    For fans of Prometheus & Star Trek

    Prometheus and Star Trek (the reboot), bring a lot of rapid-fire action to the land of science fiction. For fans of a modern take on science fiction tales, Mass Effect 3 is a great game to be had. In fact the whole series is worth your time (albeit, Mass Effect 1 is less action-focused). If you’re looking for a game with blasters aimed at alien species, Mass Effect 3 is a great fit. With an epic story and a grandiose scale, Mass Effect 3 is an elite title that every gamer should at least check out. And, if you’re a fan of movies like the new Star Trek, you’d be remiss to avoid this game. While it has its flaws, if you’re not a die hard Mass Effect fanboy, this game should be a great compliment to fans of science fiction movies.

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    Lego Lord of the Rings

    For fans of The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings

    While a licensed game might be the biggest no-brainer on this list, we included Lego Lord of the Rings because it is easily one of the best licensed games in recent years. Lego LOTR ranks as one of the best Lego games made and one of the best LOTR games ever made. The game includes dialogue ripped straight out of the movies and works perfectly for fans of the original series. It's fun, funny, and challenging enough to keep adult gamers on their toes. It’s a wonderful way to return to Middleearth without having to dedicate 12 hours to watching the trilogy again.

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    Spec Ops: The Line

    For fans of Apocalypse Now

    The easiest recommendation on this list, if you are a fan of Apocalypse Now, is Spec Ops: The Line. Apocalypse Now is easily the most famous adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and Spec Ops is slowly building its case as #2. Spec Ops moves the action from Vietnam to Dubai in a sand-covered third-person shooter. The intense storytelling is the strength of this game as it draws players into some major life and death choices while on the battlefield. Unlike cannon fodder shooters like Call of Duty and Gears of War, there are repercussions to the choices you make while playing. While the gameplay leaves much to be desired, Spec Ops: The Line has one of the best stories of 2012 and is a perfect match for the Apocalypse Now fan in your life.

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    For fans of Inception & Memento

    Have you ever found your brain lost halfway through a movie? You’re so confused that you have to break out scrap paper to map out what you’ve seen. We had that feeling while seeing the movie Inception and while playing Fez. While practically everyone on the planet has heard of the blockbuster film Inception, mainstream gamers may have missed out on Fez. Featured in the tremendous documentary, Indie Game: The Movie, Fez is a two-dimensional puzzle game that challenges gamers to think three-dimensional to solve a variety of puzzles. It’s akin to the feeling moviegoers had trying to understand the kick layers in Inception (wonderfully infographed). If you’re a fan of puzzling movies like Inception and Memento, Fez will tickle the same bone in that fat cerebellum of yours.

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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    For fans of Heat

    If you’re a movie fan and only own a videogame console to play blu rays, then you should absolutely consider putting GTA IV to the test. Ignore all of the negative hype surrounding the GTA series. It’s all media bias against video games. Specifically, if you love movies like Heat, The Godfather, or TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, GTA IV is a must-have. About halfway through the main story in Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko Bellic (the game’s protagonist), has to survive a bank robbery ripped straight out of the guts of Heat. GTA IV is a classic video game that is a must play for any movie fan.