In 2010, Patrice Desilets, creator of the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise, left Ubisoft to join THQ Montreal. Then THQ went bankrupt. The best laid plans of mice and men, eh Desilets?

Luckily, Desilets still had a place to return to, and that place was Ubisoft itself. According to Polygon, Desilets has returned to his company of origin in a somewhat roundabout way. Ubisoft acquired THQ Montreal wholesale during THQ’s bankruptcy auction. "We are very pleased to welcome Patrice to Ubisoft again and anticipate that this renewed partnership will produce new ideas and high-quality titles for Ubisoft's customers," an Ubisoft spokesperson said.

Desilets was confirmed to be working on an as of yet unrevealed project tentatively titled 1666 at the time of THQ’s bankruptcy. As of now, it is unclear as to whether or not Desilets will continue his work on the projects he was working on for THQ or if he will be returning to the Assassin’s Creed team.

In addition to 1666, THQ Montreal was also working on another project codenamed Underdog. Few details were publicly released about either title, and their current fate with Ubisoft has yet to be determined.