There is one franchise that will never die -- Star Wars. The hottest film property is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons since the first movie came out in 1977. Are the rumors true that they're teaming up with Rovio and Angry Birds?

"These are not the birds you're looking for." could be uttered by Obi Fly Kenobi if the rumors are true that Star Wars and Angry Birds are teaming up for a brand new Angry Birds experience. Rovio already took the birds into outer space so taking them to a galaxy far, far away makes sense.

Everyone still loves Star Wars and everyone loves playing Angry Birds, so an Angry Birds: Star Wars game could blow all previous sales records away. Rovio recently tweeted the teaser image you see above. But they also started a Tumblr account with that same image but in a moving .gif with the message:

Welcome to the Angry Birds Tumblr page. Over the next few weeks we’ll have behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics, and much, much more. But what will this all be about exactly?! Here’s a clue…

Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST.

HINT: Head to Toys R Us at 8am EST!

If you're in New York then you'll get to find out first hand just what it is they're going to announce. A new game? Action figures? Both? We'll keep you updated as soon as the news breaks on Monday! An Angry Birds Star Wars game. How cool would that be?