Among The Sleep, in which gamers see the world through the terrifying mind of a two-year-old, takes a huge step this month with an appearance at the Game Developer's Conference. Per Polygon, the title will also launch a Kickstarter campaign on March 21st, as Krillbite Studio is in the "last phase" of development.

Among The Sleep was first announced by the Norwegian developer on February 2011 on their blog. By bringing a playable build at the GDC and hopes for a successful Kickstarter campaign, the title is inching closer to a release date. Although the game's official site claims Among The Sleep will be released on PC and Mac later this year, Polygon has the title coming out in 2014.

The teaser video for Among The Sleep is downright scary, and we can't wait to get our hands on this chilling title, even if we must channel our terrible twos.