Monolith Soft showed a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X during Nintendo’s E3 digital presentation today. The game, which was announced early last year, will come exclusively to the Wii U next year.

The trailer shows a character emerging from a chamber called a BLADE (Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator), before switching to some intense action sequences featuring a massive invading space fleet and some sweet mech-on-mech combat. The subtitled Japanese voice-over describes a story of duty in the face of hopelessness, betrayal from within, and the threat of human extinction, themes that are very familiar to fans of the Xeno series.

Earlier updates indicate that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be an action-RPG that uses  a modified version of the engine found in the last Xeno title, Xenoblade Chronicles. That game was extremely well-reviewed, and a hit with fans of the series and newcomers. If Xenoblade Chronicles X can repeat that success, the Wii U will add a must-have RPG to its ever-improving roster of games.