We admit, Xenoblade Chronicles was a pretty epic game. That open world was gigantic, and those awaiting the new Xenoblade Chronicles X might have been wondering how much bigger the new game's world will be. It seems we have our answer: really really big, man (yes, that's a 'Rocco's Modern Life' reference).

Destructoid is reporting that the latest issue of Edge has a brief interview with Xenoblade Chronicles X director, Tetsuya Takahashi, who revealed that X will sport a world more than five times bigger than the massive world of the original game.

"Vehicles are called Dolls. They are 5 times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be 5 times bigger," Takahashi said. "The game world in X is in fact even bigger than that."

We like the sound logic of "Dolls are five times bigger than people, so the world should be five times larger too," but we're not entirely sure how we're supposed to play through the entire game. We remember traveling through the first game's world and wondering just where everything ended, and now this one is more than five times the size? We really can't wait to explore every inch and get lost in this anticipated sequel.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch on Wii U sometime in 2015.