The new Nintendo Direct presentation brought us a new Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer to gaze upon, and we hope you brought a bib because your mouth will hang open when you see it.

The trailer focuses on the many different locales we'll be visiting during our adventure in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and all of them look gorgeous. Giant rock formations and mountain ranges preside over lush valleys and massive bodies of water as cityscapes rise in the distance. That doesn't include any of the insane monsters that also populate these worlds, many of them towering over our heroes, waiting for a fight. We get a Avatar and Pandora-esque vibe from some of these locations, just without the lanky, blue cat creatures watching over us as we explore.

We don't much about the story of this game yet, but we really don't have to as everything we've seen so far looks mighty impressive. Powerful mechs, vast landscapes on a gigantic world map, and fierce combat with a full scale of monsters and other enemies. Our sights are set on this game and we plan to explore every inch of it when it launches. If you liked Xenogears or Xenosaga, Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be a must-have.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch later this year exclusively for Wii U.

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