As reported by GamesBeat, a Xerox researcher is using Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360 to monitor a patient's breathing.

Lalit Mestha, a fellow at the Xerox Research Center Webster, claims that the Kinect sensors can detect the movement of a person's chest in a room, leading to information on air inhaled and exhaled. When used with other data, Kinect can help calculates one's lung capacity.

From that information, doctors can determine if a patient is progressing in his or her treatment. Mestha believes that along with costing less than such medical items as ventilators, the Kinect can prevent hospital death. The Kinect can also measure patients' breathing without physical contact.

If this latest Kinect theory seems farfetched, a study published in the International Journal of Electronic Finance asserted that the Kinect could cut U..S. healthcare costs by up to $30 billion!