Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, the action-horror film that rocked through theaters in February is now looking to further its franchise with a video game adaptation.

IGN reports that Kiah Roache-Turner, the director of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead has decided that his movie would be a prime candidate for an open-world video game. However, Roache-Turner did go on to say that he wouldn't be throwing his movie at just any developer, but instead he wants to wait for the one that he thinks would be best for the adaptation.

We're actively looking into it [creating a Wyrmwood game] and it's just about finding the right company to partner up with. We'd love to find a young, hungry company that we can collaborate with. Obviously, it'd be fantastic to get it done peroperly, so you 3D scan all the actors, and all the actors are up for doing the voices. You could really make a story out of it. The possibilities are fantastic.

With the right development company, Roache-Turner thinks that the pitch to make Wyrmwood a video game could possible make "a couple of million dollars." Those are some pretty hefty words, but with a movie plot that could easily be turned into game mechanics, Roache-Turner may be on to something. Plus, you can play as the soldiers that have a sort of irony to them. While their job is to "pick up people with A-negative blood types and feed them to this evil doctor who does horrible experiments on them," you will be working towards a cure, which is ultimately a good (albeit twisted) thing. Anyone who is a fan of dark, '80s-style horror comedies would love Wyrmwood. It has inspirations from the likes of Romero's Living Dead series, Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy, Jackson's Bad Taste, Re-Animator and Mad Max.

You can check out Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead for $6.99 on Amazon Instant Video or, if you want to see Wyrmwood come to video game form just as much as Roache-Turner, you can try petitioning your favorite developer for it.