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The wrestling-based card game, WWE SuperCard, continues to rise in popularity on the iOS and Android formats, celebrating a new milestone with some fresh new content for its loyal fanbase.

WWE SuperCard recently eclipsed three million downloads between the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, becoming the most popular WWE game ever made for mobile devices. To commemorate the milestone, the game is adding some brand new content: The People's Champion Challenge, The Ladder, and Ultra Rare Card Packs.

The People's Champion Challenge is week-long event lining up with real-life WWE events, the first being the upcoming Night of Champion pay-per-view. Players will choose between two Superstars, then build that Superstar's score via Exhibition matches in order to access high-profile cards featuring that wrestler. The Ladder is exactly what it sounds like, letting new players and seasoned veterans climb a rankings ladder in order to gain rewards, including John Cena and Paige cards exclusive to the mode. Finally, Ultra Rare Card Packs are new purchasable packs containing Ultra Rare or higher cards.

“With an unprecedented number of downloads thus far, the worldwide groundswell to build the ultimate roster in WWE SuperCard is both passionate and incredible,” Chris Snyder, 2K Vice President of Marketing, said. “We’re excited to increase the intensity with the People’s Champion Challenge, present an accessible way for players to climb the ranks in The Ladder, and give fans what they want to improve their rosters with Ultra Rare Card Packs.”

The new content for WWE SuperCard is available now, so load up that free app and ring the bell.

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