WWE and 2K have announced that WWE SuperCard has just debuted on the mobile market, bringing dozens of wrestlers mixed into this unique collectible card game.

WWE SuperCard has just launched on the App Store for all iOS devices along with the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Androids. SuperCard will let you build up teams of WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, train them and have them battle in different kinds of wrestling matches determined by your card's stats. There will also be some intense tournaments as well. This turnbuckle-based mobile game will have over 400 cards, with seven different rarities to judge each card.

As with most free-to-play, collectible card games on the mobile market, you can purchase individual card packs using real-life currency. While we don't really care for Xavier Woods' character or gimmick, it's nice to see WWE was willing to bring out a bottom-carder to advertise its collectible card game in the mobile game's trailer. It's a shame they didn't even use Heath Slater or Kofi Kingston, ouch.

Nevertheless, WWE SuperCard is out now for most iOS and Android devices.