We know when we're hungry the first thing we want to do is head home, open the fridge, and chow down on food that looks like a bird. Don't get us wrong, the 10 Worst Angry Birds Snacks doesn't mean that they won't be good to eat. But it does mean you're kind of a weirdo for making them in the first place.

  • 10

    Angry Bagels

    Nothing goes better with that cup of morning coffee like a pair of beady eyes staring at you on your bagel. Do you put the cream cheese on their face or underneath? We need to figure out what the rules are for feasting on bagels that come with eyes.

  • 9

    Angry Bento

    We sure could go for some Chinese food! Naw, Chinese food won't do. Think we'll order the Angry Bento Special from our local Japanese restaurant. What do you mean you don't know what we're talking about? You can't make us a single-portion takeout that has a pig face on it? Well, the heck with you, Japanese restaurant! We're going to go eat some Chinese!

  • 8

    Angry Pizza

    OK, this is just a regular pizza and they moved some olives around and stuck a couple of raisins on two pepperonis. If you're gonna be an idiot with your food, at least try just a little bit harder. Like the guy below...

  • 7

    Angry Pizza Extreme

    Now THIS is how you properly f up a pizza! A pizza made for about a 100 people, with 6,000 olives, 40,000 bell peppers, 10,000 pieces of pineapple and 10 man hours of idiocy. What a way to kill our Sunday football game, dude. What drinks did you bring to go with our Angry Birds pizza? Star Trek beer? Oh, crap. You did.

  • 6

    Angry Fruit

    This is what moms serve you when they think you have the brain of a parakeet. Instead of just giving their kid a fruit cup, they have to try and get cute and chop up some watermelon and kiwi and ... is this even fruit we're looking at? What is this? Great, now we're confused and grossed out at the same time.

  • 5

    Angry Cookies

    "Well, aren't you the life of the party! Hey everyone, Elaine just made some Angry Birds cookies for us all to eat! Who invited Elaine over? Was it you Bill? OK Bill, you're never allowed over here again! Why? BECAUSE WE'RE ADULTS BILL! AND WE DON'T EAT COOKIES THAT LOOK LIKE F***ING BIRDS! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOU TOO ELAINE! Leave the cookies though."

  • 4

    Angry Stupid Snack

    Is this what people do when they're bored? Take random pieces of food and make Angry Birds structures out of them? Who's going to eat this? We don't even know what the pigs are made out of. Was this for a contest to see who could come up with the stupidest way to decorate dessert? If it was, then you won first prize.

  • 3

    Angry Mess

    What in the heckfire is this crap? An egg and kiwi and what is that black ball? Is that a rice ball covered in seaweed? Why are you ruining rice? What did rice ever do to you? We don't even know what that is behind the birds. Is it peppered droppings? Might as well be since the whole thing looks like crap.

  • 2

    Angry Salad

    Oh, it's so cute! You took our normal salad, the one we ordered for $14, and turned it into an Angry Birds salad! With ingredients that have no place being in a salad to begin with! We can't wait to see what you do with our pizza! Oh, isn't that adorable! By the way, we're going to come back at two in the morning and burn your restaurant down.

  • 1

    Angry Krispies

    So for the picnic, we guess this family decided to make the grossest thing possible in Rice Krispie Treats and ugly them up even further by making them look like Angry Birds. Not only did they bring the snack with the most sugar to the park, they also brought the stupidest looking snack as well. Guess who won't be invited to anymore social gatherings? Least you didn't bring any Angry Birds cakes.


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