The proud and mighty Tauren from World of Warcraft are getting a redesign. Hopefully that means their bovine jaws are fixed.

The most recent Artcraft post on the World of Warcraft blog has a bunch of new looks at the Tauren race's new character models. No longer do they have weirdly-shaped jaws that seem to be stuck in a permanent grimace. Instead, they are more expressive, capable of emotes and movements that look more natural and less stilted than before.

We're also given a look at the new running, casting, idle and emoting animations. The videos help show us the differences between the older models and the new ones. While the Tauren are still giant, hulking slabs of meat, they are decidedly more graceful now and look less like action figures being forced to run.

You can view the comparison videos below to see just how much the Tauren have come since World of Warcraft's debut in 2004. Well, at least you'll see their progress when it comes to aesthetics.