Get ready your /dance emotes ready, because the female Night Elves in World of Warcraft are getting redesigned.

Since World of Warcraft took roughly five years of development prior to its 2004 release, its character models are obviously starting to look outdated. Luckily, Blizzard has finally decided that all the original in-game models of all the starter races should be made up-to-date in order to look as good as their Goblin, Worgen and Pandren counterparts. Members of Blizzard's art team have posted pictures on and have provided their own critiques and commentary as what it took to make these new models look new while still adhering to the character's essence.

Blizzard art director Chris Robinson explained that the animation, polygon and texture fidelity of the female Night Elves were being drastically improved in order to meet modern standards. The art team goes on to say that the female Night Elf was one of the first models made in the game, so they wanted to keep the soul of the character intact while giving her more definition. Since Night Elves are supposed to be the outdoor, survivalist type, Robinson's team decided that the female NE needed a bit more muscle definition and added a dash of feral-ness added to her look.