Blizzard plans to pay tribute to Lost, Fringe, and the studio that brought us the reimagined Star Trek films with a new pet based on JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions.

World of Warcraft continues to dominate the MMO space with ease, but a lot of the game's success is due to Blizzard's consistent updates over the years. A new update is currently in the works that will help make room for a new addition to the WOW family of pets.

Coming soon will be a pet based on the Bad Robot featured in the company logo of JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions. Blizzard claims the move is out of respect and appreciation of Bad Robot's television and film projects like Fringe, Lost, and the upcoming seventh Star Wars movie. Curiously there just happens to be a new Star Trek movie from Bad Robot just around the corner, so the timing is awful on point for a coincidence.

Blizzard stated everyone who plays will have a chance to get the Bad Robot for themselves, but didn't announce specifics of when and where to expect the little automated man to appear.

What to do you think of this new pet? Cross-promotion gone wrong, or a classy way to pay tribute?