Some Alliance players must have felt sore at the news that only the Horde Chopper would make it into World of Warcraft, so now Blizzard will include the Alliance Chopper as well.

An update on the official World of Warcraft website alerts us to the fact that the Alliance-styled bike that was built for 'Azeroth Choppers' will also make it into the game. It was recently announced that the Horde Chopper would be available as a free mount to anyone who logs into the game until Sept. 30. The only caveat is that the Horde Chopper will only available to ride for Horde characters.

Naturally, the opposing faction let their voices be heard and now the Alliance Chopper will also become available, although Alliance characters will need to spend quite a few gold to obtain it.

Both bikes will become available for players to ride after the launch of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which will presumably be soon after the Sept. 30 log-in deadline.