Azeroth spills into the real world with this sharp, full metal recreation of Grom Hellscream's axe, Gorehowl, from World of Warcraft by Man At Arms' Tony Swatton.

For those of you wondering what the heck a Gorehowl is, it's a massive, two-handed axe that was used by the orc Grom Hellscream to take out the Pit Lord Mannoroth back in Warcraft III. The weapon was heralded in World of Warcraft lore, used by Grom's son and Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. The video takes you through the entire process of Tony Swatton and his team forging the Gorehowl axe. The cool thing about Man At Arms is that the series shows the mistakes that the team makes, which gives a little background into how hard it really is to get these authentic weapons exactly how they should be. In the beginning, Swatton messes up the cutting edge of the blade when taking it into the fly press because he split it open a little too far and actually developed a crack in the metal, which he eventually resolved.

Every inch of the weapon's makeup is covered in the video from the blade to the butt cap. The blade is made of steel, but as Swatton points out in the beginning of the video, they make it hollow so that it doesn't weigh too much. But don't be fooled, as you can check out at the end of the video, this weapon is still totally lethal. Then comes the handle, which is carved out of oak and then wrapped in leather. The butt cap is attached to the end of the handle and is made through a pretty intricate process, which you can see in detail in the video. We're glad to see the guy swinging the axe at the end looks a lot like Grommash Hellscream himself.

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