For ten years, World of Warcraft has kept its spot amongst the most popular MMOs in the world, with a constant influx of expansion packs and new content patches helping keep the game fresh despite its age. To celebrate its lengthy history, Blizzard has plumbed the depths of the past to bring back a few challenges WoW veterans will be ecstatic about.

Blizzard revealed the celebration items and challenges on the official Warcraft blog. First is the Tarren Mills vs Southshore rematch. Most old-school WoW players will remember this location as a hotbed of Horde vs. Alliance combat— as it turns out, when you place rival towns near each other, there tends to be a bit of conflict. While that conflict's no longer still going today, for the tenth anniversary it will be returning in the form of a massive 100 vs. 100 player battleground.

For players who prefer their gaming to be more PvE and less PvP, there's also the return of the Molten Core, the burning home of the Fire Lord himself, Ragnaros. This will be a special, 40-man, raid finder version of Molten Core to ensure as many players as possible get to have a taste of the chargrilled hell that is Molten Core. Those who manage to take down Rags and his crew of bosses will get a snazzy Molten Hound mount for their efforts.

Lastly, anyone who logs in during WoW's 10 year anniversary will get a molten corgi pet! He's flaming! He's scorching! He'll melt your face off with his cuteness! All of these anniversary features are limited-time deals, so if you want to experience the familiar burning sensation of Molten Core, or the PvP insanity of Tarren Mills vs. Southshore, or if you just want a flaming puppy, you'll have to log in during the anniversary event.