With so many video games out there, it's difficult finding the 10 weirdest ones. Sure, there are many that have elements of being just plain awkward or strange. But how many games make you say, "What the hell were they thinking when they designed this?" Fortunately, you don't have to ask that question while reading our list of the 10 Weirdest Video Games. You just have to sit back, laugh and wonder if these games are something you'd enjoy playing.

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    Japan World Cup 3


    Starting off at #10 on our 10 Weirdest Video Games list is Japan World Cup 3. The bizarre nature of this game makes you sit back and question what the hell you just watched. As the player, you are betting on the outcome of a race. Don't like seeing the typical jockey on a horse race? How about one riding a Yeti or a seal? How about a white horse supporting two women engaged in a slap fight, its body growing longer throughout the game? That is, until it stands up and rockets into space. (Oh Japan, we love your crazy antics.)

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    Katamari Damacy


    Katamari Damacy is a remarkably original idea, but that doesn't stop it from being weird. The player controls the Prince, whose father, the King, has ordered him to clean up his mess. The issue? The King wiped out all celestial bodies while he was drunk. (Whoops.) The Prince is given a katarmari to help recreate the stars and Moon. The goal is to use the katamari to pick up everything in sight, from paperclips to skyscrapers, to make these. It sounds ridiculous because it is.

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    PS3, Xbox 360

    Catherine is known for its intense gaming, beautiful graphics, and beautiful women. What could possibly be weird about that? Maybe it's the fact most of the game play is climbing a tower of blocks as a sheep in his underwear. Vincent, the protagonist, is having these nightmares where his only goal is to make it to the top. By moving blocks around in a puzzle-solving format, you help him try to to achieve that goal. There are other parts of the game which get more in-depth, like talking to patrons at your favorite bar and cheating on your girlfriend. There's so much more to this game that it's recommended you try it out for yourself to get all the weird details.

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    Super Table-Flip!


    Sometimes weird things can be a stress reliever, and this one fits into that niche. Super Table-Flip! is an arcade game that was released in Japan. Each play is worth 100 yen. At the beginning of the game, you pound your fists onto the table, grabbing the attention of the NPCs. Each time you hit the table, you cause things around you to fall, earning you points. With a 60 second timer, you want to take the table in front of you and flip it toward the screen before time runs out. This action makes the table in the arcade cabinet flip over as well. Simple, yes. Weird, definitely.

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    If you want a virtual pet to care for, why not Seaman? This game was played by using the Dreamcast's microphone peripheral. It's not a game that requires a lot of thought, since most of the time you're responding to the Seaman's questions. If you're not talking to the quirky fish, you're maintaining the tank he lives in and harvesting larvae for his food. What makes this really weird is the fact Seaman, with the face of game producer Yoot Saito, is a talking fish with the voice of Leonard Nimoy in the English version. If that's not weird, not sure what else is.

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    Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou


    Coming in at #5 on our 10 Weirdest Video Games is Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. At first, it might sound pretty intriguing. You play as Rin who has lost his soul and is borrowing another soul for 49 days. With this borrowed soul, he travels to the island of Tong-Nou to retrieve his own. The island itself is a glowing green head of Osamu Sato, the lead designer. This is where it gets really weird... a series of mazes awaits you with different challenges, ranging from throwing ants at a monster to make him sneeze, to witnessing a monster that commits suicide after becoming instantly depressed. Don't worry if you end up dying quite a bit. The game features a reincarnation sequence where you come back as one of nine lives. However, three of those lives are instant deaths. D-oh!

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    LSD: Dream Emulator


    LSD: Dream Emulator acts as a dream world where the player's only purpose is to navigate and experience the surroundings. It's not that simple, though. If the player happens to stumble into another object, they can be transported to a different area with stranger things happening. The player has about 10 minutes to explore each dream sequence until they "wake up". You then get a chart at the end of every sequence which tracks the state of mind of the player throughout the game play. Once that happens, the player gets sent back to the menu. From here, you can choose to go back to dreaming, where you experience a completely different scenario each time.

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    Mr. Mosquito


    In Mr. Mosquito for the PS2, you can be the mosquito you always wanted to be. You've taken up temporary residence in the Yamada household with the family being your source of food. With winter approaching, your goal is to gather enough food supply to last throughout the season. How does one do this? Well, by sucking their blood of course. Mr. Mosquito has to do this without getting caught. If you are spotted, you'll be attacked by the victim and killed. Sounds pretty outlandish, right?

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    Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em

    Atari 2600

    You cannot have this list exist without featuring Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em somewhere in it. While Mystique has created other pornographic retro games that could very well make the list, this title has to be the weirdest. The player takes control of two naked women at the bottom of the screen. The goal is to catch the semen that is dropping from the building in their mouths. For every 69 points you earn, you get an extra life. For such a simple premise, the scenario is freaking awkward.

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    Hatoful Boyfriend


    Japan releases a lot of dating simulation games, but have you ever come across one about pigeons? At the St. PigeoNation's Institute, you play as the main character who is the only human there. She interacts with the other students (who happen to be male pigeons), and based on your responses to the scenarios, different outcomes will appear. Weird outcomes. While this game sticks with a typical dating sim style, the fact that it's all about birds places it in the #1 spot on our 10 Weirdest Video Games list.


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