A team of Italian developers, led by video game director Leonard Menchiari, are working on a retro, pixel art "riot simulator" titled RIOT. The game has received some decent press so far, in large part because Menchiari wants RIOT to be based on real world events. Sounds ambitious! But will it be a game worth playing?

According to crowd-funding site Indiegogo, there seems to be an audience for it. Since launching a campaing on Indiegogo back in February, Menchiari and co. have raised almost double the total they were looking for and they still have eight days left to go. We have high hopes.

For one, Menchiari has experience working as an editor and cinematographer at Valve. So this title already has some pedigree attached to it. And if they can pull off the same balancing act between arty-ness and fun found in games like Superbrothers, then RIOT could be a really enjoyable title.

Although "fun" might be the wrong word here, since the developers seem quite intent on trying to make this game true to life and reflective real protests that are taking place across Europe and the Middle East. Will Apple allow this molotov cocktail of a game to smash its way into the App Store? Or will RIOT get dispersed in the iOS review process? We'll be keeping an eye on this one in 2013.

For now, check out the teaser trailer and some screenshots below: