Modern game developers have the luxury of having nearly infinite computing power at their fingertips. If they want to include something in a game, the technology exists to do it. Early game-makers, however, had to work under mind-boggling constraints. They could only use so many colors at once, depict so many characters on-screen, play so many sounds at the same time. With that in mind, let's take a look at 10 Modern Games Re-imagined as NES Classics and think about what they might have been like back in the days of tough-as-nails, 8-bit glory.

(The images for these games are from 72 Pins. If you like one of these retro-inspired cartridges, buy it! They're all for sale on the website.)

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    Get your Zappers ready, kids. Half vehicular platformer, half light-gun, Halo is a 100% rocking good time. Pro-tip: hold down to "victory crouch" your enemies after shooting them. A good start to our list of 10 Modern Games Re-imagined as NES Classics.

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    2K Games

    While some of the gameplay elements are simplified in the NES rendition of Bioshock, the developers managed to retain the Ayn Rand-inspired dystopic story to its full glory, keeping the game as nihilistic and morally relative as it ever was.

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    Silent Hill


    Get ready for a new kind of horror ... point and click horror. Silent Hill will have you WALKing around the desolate town, SEARCHing for clues, TALKing to any survivors you find there, and FIGHTing those things that go bump in the night.

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    Call of Duty

    Infinity Ward

    Save the planet from 8-bit terrorists! If you want to play multiplayer, have your friend bring his NES and TV over, so you can play side-by-side and yell at each other. Once you've beaten the game, a new version of Call of Duty will come out every year, with each updated version sporting the same story but with different characters. Hey, that sounds familiar...

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    Castle Crashers


    Fight your foes! Fight your friends! A four-player co-op or competitive brawlfest featuring eight huge levels and 16, yes 16, massive bosses!

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    God of War


    What 10 Modern Games Re-imagined as NES Classics list could we have without Kratos? In the bloodiest NES game to date, you play as the God of War in your quest to kill every godly sprite that gets in your way. Passwords? No way, pal. Beat this sucker in one sitting or you'll never see the ending.

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    Katamari Damacy


    The stars have fallen from the sky, and the Prince of the Cosmos needs your help! Platform around the world, sucking up everything in your path to make new stars, all the while trying to keep your dad, the King of the Cosmos, occupied with fun distractions like fishing and origami.

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    Dead Space

    EA Games

    Engineer Isaac is having a bad day. First his girlfriend disappeared, and now there are monsters popping up all over his ship. You'll run, jump, and shoot your way through nine twisting spaceships, all while looking for your lady. Try to contain your laughter when you reach the end of the first level and are confronted with the following message written in 8-bit blood: "Thank you Isaac, but your girlfriend is in another spaceship."

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    Super Meat Boy

    Team Meat

    Soul-crushingly difficult, bizarre characters, and chiptune music so catchy it'll haunt your ears? Super Meat Boy may not have originally come out on the NES, but its soul is pure Nintendo.

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    Devil May Cry


    A mix of Mega Man and Double Dragon, Devil May Cry has you traversing the world, beating up devilish thugs and shadowy reaper puppets, gaining a new weapon and abilities with each boss you best. A fine choice to top our list of 10 Modern Games Re-imagined as NES Classics.


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