Crowbar Collective's impressive HD remake of the original Half-Life, Black Mesa, has finally arrived on Steam Early Access.

Fans have been known to make some seriously high-quality remakes, like the incredible Streets of Rage Remake which blended all three of the '90s beat 'em ups into one epic smackdown, or Black Mesa, the HD remake of the original Half-Life. While Sega was all too content to shut down Streets of Rage Remake, Valve went the other direction and welcomed Black Mesa to Steam with open arms, and the fans couldn't be happier.

“Making a game with the scope and scale of Black Mesa is a massive undertaking," said a member of Crowbar Collective. "Back in 2012 we made the decision to release what we had completed up to that point, and were blown away by the community’s response, feedback, and improvements to our work. We want to keep that relationship alive and well by using Early Access as a tool for allowing our community to participate in the final phase of Black Mesa’s development.... Early Access allows us to commit resources to bring you the remaining chapters with the quality that you expect.”

Thus far, the Steam Early Access version of Black Mesa offers a single-player campaign lasting roughly ten hours, along with some basic multiplayer modes. Even though the game is roughly 85 percent complete, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Black Mesa seems to blend the spirit of the original game with a sharper look and a few tweaks here and there to keep in line with modern FPS sensibilities.

The Black Mesa team isn't ready to pin down a full release date yet, but they assured the fans that they're working diligently on ironing out the kinks of the Early Access version to get ready for its formal launch.

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