The return of the cult PC classic Wasteland has proven to be a successful venture, as the first four days have seen some pretty lofty sales figures for inXile Entertainment.

Wasteland 2, the Kickstarted sequel to the 1988 classic Wasteland, brought in $1.5 million in total Steam sales since its release last Friday, according to inXile. The quick success proves that fans of the first game really wanted to get their hands on the sequel, giving hope to other lost games from bygone eras.

After being successfully Kickstarted in 2012, Wasteland 2 was originally slated for an October 2013 release. After almost a year's worth of delays the game has finally launched, and from the looks of it every second we waited was worth it. We're interested to see if Wasteland 2 can keep up this momentum for a long period or if it will fizzle out.

With Wasteland 2's success comes hope for other games to get Kickstarted back into the spotlight. We would love to see games like Full Throttle and Planescape: Torment make a return, either with full-blown sequels or an HD treatment. The more classic games that make a return, the more younger generations can appreciate the gaming medium as much as we older players do now.

Godspeed, Wasteland 2. The fate of a classic PC revival could be riding on you.