The classic arcade gameplay of the top-down dungeon-crawler, Gauntlet, is back in a modernized reboot for PC. Prepare to need food badly.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that it has released its Gauntlet remake on Steam for PC. This reboot was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, which is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Arrowhead is known for its 2011 PC hit, Magicka. We loved playing as the Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie and Elf on the NES console version of the 1985 arcade classic, and we're glad to see its characters have returned.

“This new digital version of Gauntlet innovates on past titles while staying true to the brand’s legendary four-player format,” said David Haddad, Executive Vice President, Publishing Operations, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Multiplayer gameplay is at the core of Gauntlet’s appeal and now gamers have the option to play with friends and family locally and online."

Expect tons of monsters and trying to balance the strengths and weaknesses of each character while surrounded on all fronts. Don't forget about unlocking those doors and finding that turkey to refill your health.

Gauntlet is available on PC via Steam for $19.99.