Be still, our beating, not-yet-undead hearts! The season finale of Walking Dead: The Game will drop next week! 

Fans of Lee's harrowing adventures won't have long to wait for the (hopefully) epic conclusion to his tale. The best part? The iOS version will be simultaneously released with the console, PC, and Mac versions. This is the first time that the mobile version hasn't lagged behind any of the other releases, so players can go in fresh, with no spoilerific info floating around the interwebz.

This is also great news because Episode 4: Around Every Corner was just released recently, so this will be the shortest wait between episodes for iOS gamers. And anyone who's kept up with the series and completed all of the current episodes will be dying to know what happens after the most recent cliffhanger.

After all that's happened to the group, it's tough to imagine a happy ending or many of the characters making it out alive. But a second season due out in 2013 has already been confirmed, so we can still look forward to more gripping narratives from Telltale Games after Lee and Clem's ends. Let us know if you're excited for the season finale or dreading the withdrawal you'll have once it's finished in the comments section!

*Trailer below may contain spoilers for Episode 4: Around Every Corner.