It would appear that inferior app makers just can't help themselves from copying Dutch developer Vlambeer. According to a post over at Pocket Gamer, the Ridiculous Fishing makers are under fire once again with Sky Far, a cheap knockoff that's aiming to make it to market before their own upcoming Vita game Luftrausers.

Vlambeer is no stranger to this kind of thing. At this point, all of Vlambeer's releases have been imitated or cloned in some regard. And all have been inferior versions that were designed to come out before their own game, most recently with the whole Ridiculous Fishing / Ninja Fishing fiasco. There was also a game called Muffin Knight that seemed to share more than a few genes with Super Crate Box.

Now the saga continues with their latest title, a silhouette dogfighting game. We've got an easy solution -- maybe Vlambeer should just stop coming up with great game concepts! That will solve things.

Of course we're joking, but it would appear that Sky Far is not. The game is out there for sale and it's pretty much a pixel-for-pixel ripoff. If the screen caps above aren't convincing enough, check out the games in action and you will definitely be convinced: