Even with its other hit games, such as Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne, indie dev Vlambeer has been fighting a war against the people who blatantly copied its designs. Years later, it's still happening with its latest mobile game, Ridiculous Fishing.

Polygon reports that Vlambeer is trying to get more of its clones pulled from the Google Play mobile marketplace. Vlambeer's co-founder, Rami Ismail, admits that Ridiculous Fishing's worst copycat is "Ridiculous Fishing Free" by a developer called hesangci (we use the term "developer" loosely here, we should say "thief"). Of course, hesangci's game is getting a lot of attention because it's free and blatantly tries to offer the same exact type of gameplay Vlambeer's original game does. Hesangci even used Vlambeer's artwork in Ridiculous Fishing Free.

Google Play should just start blacklisting users and developers who are openly known for stealing and cloning other peoples' hard work. Ismail has already told Google it is planning a DMCA takedown. Hesangci reportedly cloned Appsomniacs' Doodle Army game in the past. One of the worst instances of cloning comes from the game 2048, which became much more popular than the Threes puzzle game it blatantly ripped off. There are already dozens of clones popping up of Vlambeer's next project, Nuclear Throne.

"Normally, we're sad that someone who could be making unique games is instead making copies of our games," Ismail said. "In this case, it seems it's a literal copy-paste job. It also helps that our game is already available at this point — so this clone doesn't hurt us as much."

Here's to hoping Vlambeer is successful in fighting the good fight.