The guys over at Halfbot recently posted a screenshot over on the Halfbot blog that shows off a new game they've been working on.

If you haven't heard of these guys, but kinda recognize that blue robot head logo, that might be because you played Super Crate Box. They were instrumental in helping to port over the Vlambeer game to mobile devices. Halfbot last released a game of their own about two years ago, when they put out The Blocks Cometh.

There isn't a name yet for this new thing they're creating, but we do have a screenshot so far as a teaser image. According to the blog post, the game will use a new multi-platform engine and we will probably see it at PAX East. The downside? They are aiming for 2014! That's a whole year from now, dudes.

Ah well. The image looks pretty clean and nice. And we'll be keeping an eye out for any news coming out of Halfbot's little studio.