Another disappointing day for PlayStation Vita owners, as it was discovered the handheld can only hold 100 apps, regardless of memory card size.

As Joystiq reported Thursday, users with numerous downloads and games on their Vitas may soon want to be more picky about what apps they choose to keep. Once a user attempts to install the 101st app onto the handheld, a warning statement appears on the device stating, "There are 101 applications on your PS Vita system. The system can only display up to 100 applications. To display the missing applications, you must delete 1 applications, and then restart the PS Vita system."

The unlucky user who fell victim to this shortsighted technical issue claimed to have a 32GB memory card, 9GB of which were free space. Sony has yet to issue a statement on the matter, but it's strange to think the company wouldn't have foreseen someone downloading more than 100 apps to the console. That is, unless they didn't have very much faith in the Vita to start with.