Sony San Diego is pulling out all the stops on its newest sports game, MLB 15: The Show, and three of its newest features have just been revealed.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony San Diego detailed how this year's entry would be a little more personal with the additions of Universal Rewards, Licensed Equipment and 30 Legends. The cool thing about this newest update is the way it is adding on to its already implemented Universal Profile. Previously, the Universal Profile would only passively reward players with XP and Stubs. Now, the Universal Profile will also be giving out new usable items.

These items will be usable in three different game modes -- Road to the Show, Franchise and Diamond Dynasty. Road to the Show focuses on the player's path to the majors through equipment that will strengthen your skill. Franchise will take the player through a management position where you will need to land contracts and partners and create a Brand for your team. Diamond Dynasty is more focused around creating the perfect team, the one that has all the right players and the right stadium.

The collectible items will all be things that your players will need whether it's a bat, cleats, a glove, batting gloves, etc., and they will be representative of all the major baseball brands. Expect to see Franklin, Louisville Slugger, Nike, Under Armour, Wilson, Rawlings, Sam Bat, Mizuno and Marucci emblazoned on all of your equipment. There will also be 30 legends whose cards you will be able to unlock as you play the game.

You can check out more specifics and see all of the 30 legends cards in the video above as we wait for the game to come out exclusively on PlayStation platforms on March 31.