To commemorate the milestone 10th anniversary of the series, Sony is going all out with the special edition of MLB 15: The Show.

Chris Cutliff posted the details of the MLB 15: The Show special edition on PlayStation's Blog. For $10 more than the original game, you will supposedly get $130 worth of "added bonus content." The bonus content consists of an exclusive Wood Grain Steelbook and exclusive cover, 12,000 in-game Stubs, 15 bonus item packs, all 30 MLB Team Dynamic themes and an official MLB 15 Dynamic Theme. There will also be the added bonus of a voucher for a DualShock 4 skin for your favorite MLB team. If you live in Canada, you're kind of getting slightly cut out of the deal, but there is always the exclusive version of the game with Russell Martin on the cover.

You can pre-order MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Edition at many different US retailers today and expect to receive it on March 31.